January 5th 1943

Necessary Disclaimer:

I have edited the letters for some spelling and grammar (only when it’s really necessary, extreme run on sentences, paragraph splits, etc.). Although last names have been withheld for privacy reasons, I have not imposed any edits on the content of the letters. Please remember that these letters were written in a very different time and place, and as such, some content and language may be offensive to some. To stay true to the history of the project, I have chosen to leave these instances intact, but I feel that it is important that I say that the views expressed in Gord’s letters are his, and do not reflect my personal opinion. 

Lastly, all written and photographic content of this blog belongs solely to me, its author, and may not be reproduced without my permission.

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January 5th 1943 – Halifax N.S.

Dear Mom + Dad,

Well Mom, I got two letters here from you so I guess I better answer them before you come down and see what the hold-up is.

Yes we sure had a swell Xmas and I still don’t believe it. I’m glad to hear Sweetipie got lots. I don’t know what to buy for anyone. What should I get for Marg, has she mentioned anything she would like?

I hope Waugh comes down to see you all. He sure is a swell fellow one of the best. I will be glad when he gets back because it is awful lonely her all knew fellows. Do you remember Pat, the guy I used to bring down, well he was home on furlough and it was due on the 23rd so he stayed home for Xmas and was a.w.o.l. and he got 28 days detention.

I got Sweetipie’s picture alright and it was nice.

Tell the girls Waugh is pretty bashful so tell Bin to watch her swing shift and tell Marg to watch period.

I can’t think of much more to say for now so let me know what Marg would like.

Lots of Love

January 5th 1943

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