January 12th 1943 – Pictures on the train…

January 12th 1943 – Halifax N.S.

Dear Mom & Dad.

Well Mom I got back okay except I could have stayed home until Sat. morning till 9:15am that’s what time the other fellow left and I met him in Montreal about 6 o’clock Sat. night.

Are we having some time here it has snowed all day and it’s still snowing and it is now 6 P.M.

Well how is everybody getting along, I am okay. I got my needle and I don’t feel to bad. I got two letters that you wrote before I came home, one had two dollars in it and I needed it. I got into camp 12:30 P.M. Sun night with $2.50 and we got paid Mon $3.00. I got some pictures on the train and I will send a couple in every letter.

FLASH Good news just came in that all active men are C.B. [1] I am hoping and praying.

Well I can’t think of anything else except write soon.

Lots of Love
The East End Kid

1. Shannan note – I have found conflicting things on what CB means in terms of military speak, but i believe it’s either “Called Back” or “Confined to Barracks”, both of which would make sense in this context.


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