April 12th, 1943

April 12th, 1943

Dear Mom

Well we got back okay and did we ever have fun. My boy friend Pat came  tearing into the bus station just as we got on the bus and he had two bottles with him, did we ever have fun. Everybody was drunk when they came in last night. We didn’t get to sleep till 3 am. I don’t think we’ll be leaving till Wed. night so if you answer this letter as soon as you get it I’ll get it Wed at dinner time.

I hated to leave last night but soon as I met the mob it was alright. Gosh am I ever tired, we went on a five mile route march this morning and we have another to-morrow that’s why I know we’re not going to-morrow.

Has Net gone home yet? Don’t forget to tell Joe good-by for me and Ray to!

I got your picture out on my shelf and it looks nice. Everybody else thinks so too.

I seen Marg for 3 minutes last night.

Well that’s all for now.

Your son,

 Net and Amy

[Shannan’s Note – Net is Amy’s sister, Nettie. The picture above is of Amy and Net, year unknown. I am not sure who Joe is, but Ray is Gord’s younger brother.]

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