The big question…

A few weeks ago I did an interview for a friend that’s in school for radio broadcasting. We chatted about these letters, their discovery, and the plan for this blog. One of the questions that came up, and keeps coming up, is “what happens?”.  Everyone that I talk to about this is understandably keen to know the ending.

The simple answer: I don’t know. I mean, I do know that Gord lived to marry and have a family, but I don’t yet know what happened with Gord between January 5th 1943 and July 13th 1945. When I embarked on this project, I had to decide just how far ahead of the reader I wanted to get. Just how much of the story I wanted to know… I’ve decided to opt on the side of less, and so at any given time over the next…however long this takes, I will be no more than 10 – 12 letters ahead of the blog. I mean, I have read the odd letter here and there, and have seen indication of him spending time overseas, but you and I know just about the same level of detail at this point. For all I know, these letters might be phenomenally boring, or they might be gut wrenching, or some place in between. I don’t know what Gord’s training consisted of, where he winds up, or what his experiences were like, but I am sure am curious.

January 5th – just under 3 weeks…


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