September 17th, 1943

September 17th, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well, I’m sorry I haven’t wrote sooner. But when I sent that telegram last week, I went to the hospital and just got out yesterday. I wanted a bit of money because I didn’t know how long I would be there. And I missed payday and can’t get any pay until the end of the month so could you please send me a bit and I will send it back at the end of the month. Don’t worry about me, I just went for a rest.

Well, how is everybody at home? I bet they are glad to get back to school, I wish I was back going to school. I guess Maggie is mad because I haven’t wrote, but if you send me some money I will write every other night.

Well I passed the course [Shannan Note – the gun course Gord mentioned a few letters ago] and am I glad. It was pretty hard.

I forgot to tell you, I wrote to Big Ted about two weeks ago. I bet he will be surprised.

When I got back from the hospital I got a week excused duty, pretty soft. I didn’t get any mail while I was in the hospital so I have lots to answer.

Tell Mildred I wish her all the luck in the world and to think of me when the best man kisses her.

Glad to hear Gramma is getting along okay.

So, Ray has a new uniform, eh? Tell him to keep a lookout for that telegram.

Well I bet Pops thinks he is tops now that he’s working at Gorries. He will like that because there isn’t a thing he doesn’t know about cars.

I got a letter from Eddy the other day but I didn’t feel like writing but I’ll answer it.

I didn’t feel like finishing this yesterday, but I did now.

Well, lots of love and kisses to the best mom in the world.


[Shannan Note – I was curious about  Gorries where my Great Grandfather had just started working at according to this letter, and I uncovered a really neat article on it from Ryerson. Gorries has some pretty cool history in Toronto – check it out! ]