September 5th, 1943

September 5th, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a few lines to let you know I’m okay and I got the five dollars. I hope you don’t get mad because I send for money.

Well I only got one more week of this course to go then I will be through. Will I ever be glad because it’s pretty tough. We went on a shoot yesterday, didn’t hit anything, but it was still lots of fun. Boy do they ever make a noise, that is the 6th time I’ve fired the gun.

I am on a weekend and I came in yesterday and it took me all day to get a bed. You have to get in early if you want to get a bed that has sheets.

I seen Ted Friday night, we went to the show. He in a place like I was, but he says he likes it, wait until he is there for two months.

I think I should be getting my furlough by the end of the month. Maybe Waugh and I may get together. I hope so because we have it all planned on what we are going to do.

How is everybody getting along? What’s daddy doing, is he back to work yet? And how is Marg, is she still working or going to the shows?  Does Demps’ mom know he is gone yet? He is probably too stupid to send her a cable and let her know he is safe.

Well, that is all for today. Will write as soon as I get an answer from the other letters I sent.

Lots  of Love,


The East End Kid

[Shannan Note – Sorry for for the extended time between letters…. life has been hectic as all get out, and I took my very first official vacation last week, so it’s been a lot of prep and catch up from that.]

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