August 28th, 1943

August 28th, 1943

Dear Mom + Dad,

Well I guess it’s time I started to write yous a letter. Well I’m pretty happy I got my raise in pay from the 1st of August. I got 30 days back pay, they cheated me out of 3 months, but you can’t tell the army anything because they know everything.

Well how did the pictures turn out, I hope they were alright. And how is Gramma, ihope she is okay. Do you know Ted’s address? I guess I told you I was taking a three week course at the Atlantic School of Instruction, trying to make instructors out of us – big laugh.

Keep sending my mail to the old address and I’ll keep getting mail quicker. I got the box okay. It was swell, thanks a lot. Did you have any beer in when he got there?

I expect my furlough when I get through with this course, let’s hope and keep our fingers crossed. We get a weekend every week and a pass every night. I’m on a weekend now, Waugh and I together. I guess they can’t split us up now, our furloughs are at the same time. His birthday is the 11th of December, mine is the 13th, we expect to go over together in January. I hope so and so does he. If we don’t go in January we will rent a boat and go ourselves.

Well that’s all for today. I will write often now that I am paid.

Lots of love
The East End Kid

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