June 24th, 1943

June 24th, 1943

Dear Mom + Dad,

Well Mom I just got two letters from you to-day and was I glad, so I will answer them all right away. Well I got your money okay and I really needed it. I hope they catch the guy that broke into Sweetipie’s school, that was a dirty trick. I guess they just did it for fun.

Well I will start to answer your other letter. I don’t feel too bad now except my head is still aching, it’s been sore ever since I came here

I don’t remember getting any cigs but I got the $5 on Monday the 21st and you sent it on the 5th didn’t you?

Lucky Demps to be home but it’s a helluva place to spend his furlough in the isolation hospital.

No, I haven’t got  a dress  uniform. I don’t like them very much anyways, they are very hot.

I seen Ted on Monday, he hasn’t got a letter  from home in a long time. I get a pass on Friday night so I am going to meet him downtown and we are going to paint it red with the five you sent me.

I didn’t get the snaps yet of Marg, I hope they soon come because I forgetwhat she looks like. It won’t be long now until the huckleberries are ripe, then boy will I ever eat.

Don’t send the $20 until I find out if I will be coming home, that will be the 5th of July.

Well I will drop a line to Daddy now.

Hello Pop,

Well I will wait and see if I get my furlough. I’ll wait until August but I don’t think I can wait any longer. I’ve been doing everything the right way so far so I guess I have a good chance of getting it. Well, I’ll sign off for now.

Lots of love and luck to the best mother and father in the world.

Here’s 5 cents for Sweetipie.

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