May 3rd, 1943

May 3rd, 1943

Dear Mom + Dad,

Just a line to let yous know I am getting lots of mail lately and I can’t keep up but I’ll answer every one that you write. I’m glad Ray is getting along fine and soon will be home. I’ve only got 5 more weeks of this course to go and may  get my furlough then and  then maybe I’ll have to wait until it’s due but I don’t care as long as I get lots of mail and the odd parcel.

Tell Daddy that the five hundred dollar bond he got would be a swell down payment on a farm for after this quarrel between Hitler and Churchill.

Tell Mill I wish her many happy returns of the day, but when is she going to write, I’ll answer letters from anyone.

I don’t think I’ll change very much, expect maybe a little fatter but I could stand a little fat. Ted hasn’t wrote yet, I’ll give him one more week. When you get this letter and start to answer, number every one. Put it in the left hand corner of the first page like this: #1) then I’ll know if there are any letters lost. Number every one.

Well I can’t think of anything else to say except lots of love to the best mother in the world.

The East End Kid

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